Building Community Partnerships Through Writing in W231

Tuesday, March 28 – 11:00am – Campus Center 307

Mary Ann Cohen, Dustin Branum, Sarah Grace Fraser, Taylor Gibbs, and Garad Huckleberry
W231 introduces students to expanded research and writing skills and emphasizes the role of professional writing. As their main project, W231 students collaborate and solve a problem faced by a local business or organization. The teams conduct research to identify problem-solving strategies, then apply their findings in a recommendation report directed to a decision-maker within the business or organization. Student panelists will discuss how W231 has helped them within and outside of academia and how they led their teams to contribute significantly to the improvement of a local business or organization.

Dustin Branum is a Communication Studies major minoring in Spanish. He is the Director of Marketing for the Dream Team of Indianapolis Realty Group and a part-time employee of Bru Burger Bar on Mass Ave. With him is the General Manager of Bru on Mass, Kayla Morrison

Garad Huckleberry is a returning student who will be graduating in May 2017 with a B.S. in OLS, a Human Resources Certificate, and a Six Sigma Green Belt.

Sarah Grace Fraser will be graduating in May with an English major with a linguistics concentration. She also has minors in French, literature, and international and global studies. Sarah Grace works in the Program for Intensive English as a tutor and teaching assistant. After graduation, she will be  starting her MA in TESOL.

Taylor Gibbs received her undergraduate degree in social work in May of 2015. She graduated with a Master’s in Social Work in May of 2016, after completing the advance standing program at IUPUI. She is presently a therapist at Cummins Behavioral Health Systems, Inc. and a licensed social worker.

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