Does Reading Young Adult Lit Build Better Citizens?

Wednesday, March 29 – 11:00am – Campus Center 307

Megan Musgrave, Courtney Duff, and Michael Beck
Together with two students, Dr. Musgrave will investigate the ways that reading young adult literature with a smartphone in hand can actually make us better thinkers and more active, engaged citizens. We will engage in a debate about Elizabeth Stewart’s Blue Gold, a book that prompts readers to pull out their smartphones and ask, “Did anybody suffer in the making of this product?” We’ll talk about whether the literature we read can make us think more carefully about the technology we take for granted, and how we can use it to become more conscious consumers and improve the lives of workers around the world.

Dr. Megan Musgrave is Assistant Professor of English and the author of the recently-published book Digital Citizenship in Twenty-First Century Young Adult Fiction: Imaginary Activism (Palgrave, 2016). A member of the English Department since 2004, Dr. Musgrave is also a member of the Women’s Studies faculty and the Native American and Indigenous Studies faculty, and specializes in children’s literature, young adult literature, and Native American literature. She is always looking for ways to connect our reading, writing and thinking practices to the choices we make as citizens in a digital age.

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