Linguistics Students Travel Around the World: Fulbrights and Other Scholarships

Wednesday, March 29 – 12:00pm – Campus Center 307

Fred DiCamilla, Susan Shepherd, and Christian Fiems​
This presentation will consist of videos by linguistics students explaining their Fulbright experiences, the work they have done, and their travels. In addition, another student will be on hand to describe his experience travelling and studying in Japan on another scholarship. Professors DiCamilla and Shepherd will be present to talk with students about how to apply for Fulbrights and other programs that will enable them to travel, work, and study abroad.

Frederick DiCamilla is an Associate Professor in the English Department and Director of the Linguistics Program. He has taught undergraduate and graduate linguistics courses at IUPUI since 1990. His research has focussed on Sociocultural Theory, Conceptual Metaphor, and Critical Discourse Analysis. His work has been published in leading academic journals.

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