The Making of a Magazine: genesis from Start to Finish 2

Wednesday, March 29 – 1:30pm – Campus Center 307

Sarah Layden, Sarah Bahr, Jennifer Rose Rojas, and Ashley Williams
How does a campus literary and arts magazine come into being? Our sped-up version will show a semester’s worth of production in approximately twenty minutes, moving through student submissions, editorial meetings, voting, and the late stages of copy editing and getting the book to the printer. The student leaders this spring include co-Managing Editors Jennifer Rojas and Ashley Williams, and Senior Editor Sarah Bahr; along with Faculty Advisor Sarah Layden, they will be available to answer questions about both genesis and English W280, the prerequisite course.

Sarah Layden is the faculty advisor of genesis, and teaches creative and analytical writing at IUPUI. She is the author of the novel Trip Through Your Wires, and her recent short fiction appears in Boston Review​, Monkeybicycle, McSweeney’s, and PANK Magazine.

Sarah Bahr is a junior at IUPUI majoring in English Writing & Literacy, Spanish, and Journalism. She also has minors in English Literature and Women’s Studies. Sarah has interned as a reporter with the Campus Citizen, IUPUI’s student newspaper, and is currently interning as a Senior Editor for genesis. She also works in the Writing Center as a consultant and Social Media Manager.

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2 thoughts on “The Making of a Magazine: genesis from Start to Finish

  • Diana Cunningham

    I love writing and would like to enhance my skills. I am not sure what this is about. Will a discussion be on creating a magazine for the university or will it be about making a magazine in general?

    • Andy Buchenot Post author

      My name is Andy; I am the moderator of the English Week site and a member of the EW planning committee.

      This session will focus on creating a magazine for the university. More specifically, “The Making of a Magazine” is about the process of putting together the English department’s student literary magazine, ​genesis. The magazine’s editors will discuss the production process from soliciting submissions to sending documents to the printer.

      The session shows attendees another side of the publishing process. I think it will be useful for anyone interested in literary publishing — particularly students who might want to become involved with genesis.