The Rufus & Louise Reiberg Reading Series: Angela Palm

Wednesday, March 29 – 7:30pm – Lilly Auditorium – University Library Lower Level

Angela Palm
A native of Indiana, Angela Palm is the author of Riverine: A Memoir from Anywhere but Here, publisher by Graywolf Press in 2016. She owns Ink + Lead Literary Services and is the editor of an anthology of Vermont writers, Please Do Not Remove. Her work has appeared in Paper Darts, Midwestern Gothic, Tampa Review, and elsewhere. She lives in Burlington, Vermont. About Riverine, The Wall Street Journal writes, “[Riverine] beautifully examines the myriad ways nature and nurture mingle and mix to make us who were are as adults. . . . Riverine is a different kind of memoir, one that through a kind of sleight of hand transports readers from the narrative into the world of ideas and back again, with readers scarcely noticing the transitions.”

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